Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Bread (Eaten!)

So we ate the chicken parmesan stuffed bread and I am happy with the results!   The crust was crisp and the dough was soft.  The chicken parm and parmesan sauce melded together great!  It tasted like a Chicken Parm Grinder!  (For anyone who is not from the Northeast, a grinder is a toasted sub.)  My stepson said I could give our local Italian restaurant a run for their money.  Maybe that’s not THAT great of a compliment considering we live in Florida and Florida is not known for having very good Italian food, but I’ll take the compliment anyway!




About Natalie

I'm 48 years old, have 4 animals (2 cats, a ferret and a parrot). I haven't always enjoyed cooking but I have time now to do it without rushing so it's more enjoyable and I'm having fun learning new techniques. I want to share what I learn because if I can do it, anyone can.

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