Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken – Epic FAIL!

I found a recipe for Teriyaki Chicken that you make in the slow cooker (or as I still call it – the crock pot).  It sounded good.  Teriyaki sauce, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, chicken.  It probably would have been good if I had just marinated the chicken for an hour and then sauteed it… But 6 hours on low in the slow cooker made it so POTENT.  I like flavor but this was too much. 

I’m not going to link to the recipe because I’m not sure if my slow cooker just cooks too hot or something (I’ve suspected that before) and I don’t want to trash a perfectly good recipe because of errors on my part. 

I say errorS because it called for a pound of cut up chicken breast and I only had frozen tenderloins in one of those big flash-frozen chicken bags and I didn’t know how many equalled a pound… So I used 6.  I don’t think it was enough.

Another problem I had… The recipe said to use the sauce the chicken had cooked in and thicken it in a saucepan with a teaspoon of cornstarch.  Easy enough, right?  Maybe for some people… Haha.  But I only have one saucepan that I can make rice in – it’s the perfect size and the only pan I have that will make rice without getting crunchy uncooked rice.  That’s the pan I should have use for the sauce thickening.  But… I was making rice to put the chicken and sauce on.  I found a pan I never use and couldn’t remember why I never use it – but it was the right size for the sauce so I used it.  Wellllll apparently the bottom is warped so try as I might, I could not get the sauce to cook down and thicken (I have a glass top stove which is lovely and awful depending on the moment!). 

After struggling to thicken the sauce for 20 minutes or so, I gave up and figured it would be fine as it was.

Then I discovered the amount of chicken I had used wasn’t very much.  I didn’t take into account ‘shrinkage’.  So now it seems I don’t have enough chicken to feed the family.

I then decide to saute some carrots to add bulk to the meal (and also add a vegetable which I had previously forgotten about).  I only had 3 small carrots.  Hmmm.  I cut them really small into match stick size so it looks like there’s more than there is.  I start to saute them and I think it would be fitting to the meal if I put a little soy sauce and sesame seeds in the pan with them while they saute.  Sounded good anyway.  It was not.  The soy sauce soaked completely into the carrots making them taste like orange salt licks.  And trust me, I love salt.  I tried rinsing the soy sauce off but it was too late. It was soaked in.  Ugh.

So I go to my husband and tell him that dinner is ruined.  We can feed the kids but we can’t eat because I didn’t make enough chicken.  He decides to help.  He sees I’ve made plenty of rice and decides to plate it up and divvy up the chicken.  At this point I’m fed up and tell him – “yeah OK, see what you can do”.  So he does his thing and we wind up with 4 plates of food.  However he used all of the sauce thinking he needed to cover every inch of rice.  Lol. It was so bad.  So strong.  So gross.  I ate a little but gave most to the dog. 

I didn’t even take a picture – I was so disgusted!

Sorry family!


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I'm 48 years old, have 4 animals (2 cats, a ferret and a parrot). I haven't always enjoyed cooking but I have time now to do it without rushing so it's more enjoyable and I'm having fun learning new techniques. I want to share what I learn because if I can do it, anyone can.

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