Baked Onion Rings


I’ve had a craving for onion rings for weeks now but I haven’t wanted to make them because I hate the mess frying creates.  I have a recipe for oven fried chicken that’s really good so I thought I could do something similar for onion rings.

I dipped the rings in milk and then in some flour I had seasoned with a little salt and pepper.  I whisked a couple of  eggs to dip the floured onion rings in and then coated them with bread crumbs.  I preheated the oven to 450° and coated my baking sheets with olive oil.  After coating the onion rings, I put them on the oiled baking sheet but before putting them in the oven, I flipped each one over so they’d have oil on both sides.  I baked them for 10 minutes and then flipped each one over and baked them for 5 minutes longer.  That’s all they took to cook!  (My onions are small so these weren’t very big onion rings – bigger rings would take longer.) The onions were perfectly tender and the outside was crunchy.  Not like fried, but good enough to satisfy an onion ring craving. 


I made a copycat Bloomin’ Onion Dipping Sauce to go with them – but I think I will look for another recipe in the future.  The one I used wasn’t spicy enough.  It was sweet, not like the real recipe which has a little heat.


So now you know you can make pretty decent onion rings without frying.  Give them a shot if you have an onion ring craving.

I’m going to have to experiment with ‘oven frying’ other fried foods!  I’ll keep you posted 😉


About Natalie

I'm 48 years old, have 4 animals (2 cats, a ferret and a parrot). I haven't always enjoyed cooking but I have time now to do it without rushing so it's more enjoyable and I'm having fun learning new techniques. I want to share what I learn because if I can do it, anyone can.

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