I made vegetable stock!!

Making stock seemed intimidating to me but I watched Chef Anne Burrell make a chicken stock & she made it look so easy… So I figured I’d try vegetable stock because it’s most of the same ingredients minus the chicken (I would’ve tried chicken stock but I didn’t have any chicken bones).

I used this Martha Stewart Vegetable Stock recipe (I chose this one because she has you sweat the veggies first and Chef Anne Burrell says that sweating boosts the flavor!).  Don’t do exactly what Martha says though… I did and wound up with browned onions at first because of the heat being too high.  You shouldn’t have browned veggies when you sweat them.  Lower the heat!

I didn’t add parsnips or swiss chard like Martha says to add… Mostly because I didn’t have any (I don’t think I’ve ever even had a parsnip!).  I’m sure they add great flavor but this stock came out really nice without them.  I used dried herbs too.  I’m sure fresh would be a lot better but I’m just getting my fresh herb collection started and right now I only have sweet basil and garlic chives.

Honestly the hardest part about making stock is straining it.  And that’s not that hard, it just uses a few extra things you have to wash.  After I strained it first with my large colander, I strained it with my small-meshed strainer.  Then, because I didn’t have cheese cloth, I did my last strain using coffee filters.  I thought it was a little bit overkill at first but there actually were herbs & vegetable puree that I filtered out!

The smell of this stock was so good, I was absolutely shocked how easy it was and that it was something I made, from scratch!

Part of the stock after three strains, ready to freeze!

I made vegetable soup for dinner with some of the stock.  It was DELISH!


About Natalie

I'm 48 years old, have 4 animals (2 cats, a ferret and a parrot). I haven't always enjoyed cooking but I have time now to do it without rushing so it's more enjoyable and I'm having fun learning new techniques. I want to share what I learn because if I can do it, anyone can.

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